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Svjetski i hrvatski origami majstori u Galeriji Kortil, Rijeka

Izložba Origami Zdenka – Put do svjetskih majstora origami umjetnosti otvorena je 1. travnja u  renomiranoj riječkoj galeriji Kortil. Izložbu su organizirali Hrvatsko origami društvo iz Zagreba i Udruga za promicanje dobrobiti djece "Portić" iz Rijeke, u suradnji s Gradom Rijekom i Galerijom Kortil. Iuzložba je bila otvorena od 1. -12. travnja 2016. 

The exhibition Origami Zdenka – The road to the world's masters of the origami art had its Opening Night on April 1st in the renowned Gallery Kortil in Rijeka. The exhibition was organized by the Croatian Origami Society from Zagreb and the Association for the promotion of children's welfare "Portić" from Rijeka in cooperation with the City of Rijeka and Gallery Kortil. The exhibition was open from 1 -12 April 2016.

Zdenka Šegota, Članica Hrvatskog origami društva, čija je neiscrpna energija u promoviranju modernog origamija u Rijeci inspirirala ovu izložbu umjetničkog origamija, imala je vruću želju - da njen rodni grad doživi origami umjetnost kroz djela svjetskih majstora origamija 

Zdenka Šegota, a member of the Croatian Origami Society, whose inexhaustible energy in promoting modern origami in Rijeka inspired this origami art exhibition, had an ardent wish. That her hometown should experience origami art through works of international origami masters.  

Želja je ispunjena ljubaznošću Galerije grada Krapine koja je posudila radove svjetskih origami majstora iz svog fundusa te ljubaznošću privatnih kolekcionara koji su izložili svoje zbirke svjetskih majstora, zajedno s radovima nekolicine hrvatskih autora i interpreta.

The wish was granted courtesy of the Krapina City Gallery, that lent masters' works from its holdings and private collectors who exhibited their master's collections, along with works of few Croatian origami authors and interpreters.

Večer otvorenja bila je sjajna prilika za origami poklone koje je Hrvatsko origami društvo uručilo Gradonačelniku Rijeke Vojku Obersnelu i Veleposlaniku Japana N.E. Keiji Ide. No veliko je iznenađenje i oduševljenje bio poklon Veleposlanika našoj Zdenki - japanska origami knjiga i kusudama koju je napravio sam. I Gradonačelnik je dobio Veleposlanikovu kusudamu a svi smo dobili preporuku da izrada origamija otklanja stres.

The opening night was a great opportunity that Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel and  Japanese Ambassador Keiji Ide get their origami presents from the Croatian Origami Society. Yet more delightful and surprising were origami presents by the Ambassador. Our Zdenka received a Japanese origami book and a kusudama that the ambassador made himself. The Mayor, too, received a kusudama folded by the Ambassador, and we all got  a recommendation to fold origami – as a stress relief.

Ovdje objavljujemo deplijan izložbe ljubaznošću udruge za promicanje dobrobiti djece "Portić" iz Rijeke.
Herewith published exhibition brochure courtesy the Association for the promotion of children's welfare "Portić" from Rijeka.

Translation of the exhibition brochure:
The new age of internet offers hereto unconceivable possibilities of communication and information. One was highlighted by my friends when introducing me to someone. You can google someone's walk of life and their first name. If you can find them on the first Google web page, then they are really trying hard and are successful.
Our Zdenka Segota became a synonim for origami in Rijeka,  embracing  with her warmth, goodness and knowledge many tiny and grownup hands, offering them new challenges and adventures in paper. A great enthusiast, tireless in positive thinking and encouragement, she strengthened Croatian Origami Society by joining it soon after its founding.
Yes, Zdenka knows how to spark enthusiasm for origami, she is able to motivate others into new ventures. There is no secret that it was Zdenka Segota who inspired us to set up this exhibition in Rijeka. It was her wish, as much as ours, too, that Rijeka should experience world origami masters.

I would like to cordially thank all those who helped us in realizing that – to the city of Rijeka for giving us the exhibition space in the renowned Kortil gallery in Rijeka, to the Associaton Portic for their wholehearted help in logistics and print and to the Krapina City Gallery that lent us works of world origami masters from their holdings. Cordial thanks also go to the frst European origami museum EMOZ, Zaragoza, Spain for their comprehensive data on the Eastern and Western origami tradition.
But the story would not be complete if it stopped there. Some ten members and friends of the Croatian Origami Society will exhibit their works and and interpretations of other authors as well as their private collections of world origami masters.
Zagreb, 19th March 2016. Croatian Origami Society, Sanja Srbljinović Čuček, President 

“Do you need a volounteer, ready to share with you their experience and love for origami?“ These were first Zdenka's words, introducing herself to me. “For that I need a table where I can fold and shape paper“. It was three years ago, on a hot summer afternoon, that Zdenka knocked at the door of Portić. I knew something about the origami technique myself, but did not take any special heed to it. I did not know that in Zdenka I would find a fine origami craftsman, excellent teacher and coworker, humble and creative person.
Hardly a month passed, and Zdenka Segota had two groups of school age children and a group of adult volonteers.  All were regular workshop attendants and their works soon started telling quite beautiful origami stories. And stories, as you may know, are best spread by a word of enchanted mouth. People spoke about Zdenka and her special way of communication with children. Soon her origami workshops have been invited in many institutions and associations. In the same year, the first origami exhibition with a workshop took place in Portic, then in the City Library Rijeka in Zamet, followed by numerous workshops for children and adults, all the year around. Dedicated and modest Zdenka's work brought fruit. Zdenka herself says that working as an origami volunteer received more than she gave to her pupils. It is a pleasure to watch children grow in their technique at the same time learning to support each other and help younger ones. From Zdenka they learn being joyous, exploring, curious and persistent. Or in other words of one of the pupils: Teacher Zdenka helped me realise that I would like to be the best origamist in the world
Rijeka, 31st March 2016. 

Association for the promotion of children's welfare "Portić".
Ksenija Vičić, President 
Exhibited works
International masters from the holdings of the Krapina City Gallery:
Works by Authors: Peter Budai, Joel Cooper, Dragutin Gerić, Roberto Gretter, Bernard Peyton, Arnold Tubis, Joseph Wu. Works by Interpreters: Philip Shen/Boaz Shuval, Akira Yoshizawa/Dragutin Gerić
International masters from private collections:
Works by Authors: Giang Dinh, Ilan Garibi, Ronald Koh, Goran Konjevod, Saadya Sternberg, Davor Vinko.
Works by Interpreters: Satoshi Kamiya/Marko Ivkov
Croatian Origami Circle
Works by Authors: Zdenko Lanović, Igor Petlevski, Sanja Srbljinović Čuček, Želimir Zlatić
Works by Interpreters: Rina Baljak, Luka Barižon, Božo Cicvarić, Zdenko Lanović, Sanja Srbljinović Čuček, Zdenka Šegota, Višnja Zatezalo, Želimir Zlatić.
Apart from traditional origami models, following authors have been interpreted:
Benjamin John Coleman, Fabian Correa, Ricardo Foschi, Shuzo Fujimoto, Tomoko Fuse, Francesco Guarnieri, Toshikazu Kawasaki, Michael G. La Fosse, Robert Lang, John Montroll, J. Sakai, Won Park, Philip Shen, Katrin Shumakov, Yuri Shumakov, Anibal Voyer, Stephen Weiss et al.
Origami inspired photography: Biljana Knebl, Igor Petlevski
Publisher: Udruga za promicanje dobrobiti djece Portić
for the publisher: Ksenija Vičić
Editor: Sanja Srbljinović Čuček
Exhibition concept: Sanja Srbljinović Čuček
Exhibition design: Jolanda Todorović, Sanja Srbljinović Čuček
Exhibition brochure design:Črčke
Edition: 200 copies
Print: MGM studio Novel 

U izložbi je sa svojim umjetničkim fotografijama origami radova sudjelovala i Biljana Knebl, nositelj AFIAP titule.
The exhibition also showed a series of origami art photos by Biljana Knebl, an AFIAP master.

Marko Čuček 4.srednje. Glazbenog učilišta Elly Bašić, klasa prof. Ante Čaglja

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